I would also like to say.

Dear Heart, 

You are a stupid piece of shit. Let go, stop waiting on him. Stop wanting him. It’s ridiculous what you let go to be with him, but he did not give up anything for you. You misguided me. The second I trusted you I ended up alone and terrified of what was happening.  You lied to me. You promised everything would be okay if I followed you and you tricked me. Never again. 

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Making Acceptance With the Fact

…that I can’t change someone. That they might have made up their mind about me before I can ever change it. I might not be able to ever change it. No matter how many times I reach out, no matter how many times I try. SO,  I have to do what I’ve been avoiding for months now. I have to let go and forget waiting for an explanation.  An explanation would help with moving on, but it wouldn’t change the end result. I have to be on my own and figure this out without any help from others. If I survive it, I know I can handle whatever this year has in store for me. And that really gives me hope. 

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You don’t know it but you have my heart. You own every ounce of it and because you don’t know this; you’re destroying my heart. You’re hurting me more awfully than ever before. And you see, I can’t get mad. Not even annoyed with you, since you are unaware to having this ownership over my heart. But I hope every day and especially every night that one day you’ll wake up and realize this. Because not only are you special, but you’re special to me so much that I can’t move on no matter how hard I try. Just don’t hide because one day the tides may change and maybe my feelings will too. As of now, that seems like a distant possibility though.

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This game is getting harder

I’m so tired of being alone. Besides that, work was decent. Pretty easy and I am way less intimidated after getting the first day out of the way. Don’t know my schedule of course but sure. Today was just a nothing day but positively- I’m alive even though at times it doesn’t feel that way.

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Day 2: da ups, da downs

I cried like 3 times today and pretty viciously at that. But I’m okay. You know why? Because today I officially got my job. I’m making money to help my family. I realized I’m too young to worry about some dumb boy. I made a goal of going to new places to meet new people. I was lucky enough to have a drink today. And i got the best therapy offered to a human; hearing Matt Seracen’s stuttering voice on Friday Night Lights. See. Life isn’t that bad. I promise. If I focused on all the shit happening in my life, I could easily say life is the worst and I want to die. But that isnt the goal of this month now, is it?

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Being Optimistic: Day 1

Okay, so there were moments today where I wanted to break down and cry. It is just my classic style of living life.  But I didn’t because I wanted to take this whole ‘month of optimism’ seriously. So, i thought of all the things that were going good for me today. Like, I was able to sleep in, I don’t have to study or do homework, I had really  good coffee, and my face is starting to clear up from my break out. While these are small and insignificant things, they are still good. And that’s what I’m looking for right now.  Hopefully, these small things will lead to far greater happier moments and things in my life. But for now, they will have to do. And I can say I feel at peace with things, or as much as I can be. I still am looking for answers and closure more than you know, but I will continue to function and be positive until I can get them.

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For this entire month or so of break..

I am surrounding myself with positive energy. I can no longer handle the stress and problems of my life, as well as everyone elses. Therefore, once a day, at least, I will post a picture or story about what was posistive for me that day. I dont think ignoring bad energy for a month is the worst thing I could do. Seriously, lets do this.

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Not sure where to go from here.

Have you ever thought people are more fragile than they portray themselves to be? Because I find it to be that the ones who are most passionate and seemingly strong and independent are the ones who seem as if they are made of glass. When two people, like so, force themselves to be with each other and keep pushing and pushing, what do you think happens? They break. They crumble under the imposed pressure from two beautiful pieces to a crumble of shards. I now have my answer.

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Purely for documentation reasons since I don’t have a diary at the moment.

We listened to the music and were drinking a couple of beers. We were both laughing and having a great time. He kept getting closer and closer to me and I didn’t mind. Then he kissed me. It was a great kiss. One I wanted to happen for so long that it felt unreal to actually be happening to me. Then he asked if I wanted to leave. Yes, I smiled and nodded. During the walk home I said it. It had been on my mind the entire time, especially since we walked with the girl there. I said, You have a crush on her. He said, No I never did. That wasn’t what she told me and I explained that last week she had said something different. Then he explained she came into his room drunk late one night and wouldn’t leave. He even had to get his best friend to help her get out. That was the night she was talking about.   He then said He had a crush on me and that I was the only girl he had a crush on. That during the first night of school when the whole floor introduced themselves to others, that I stuck out to him. He noticed my name even and had the plan to talk about Black Swan to me when he got the chance to talk. (Which he did). He said that even when he didn’t have any more math problems to do for homework, he would do extra ones just to sit and hang out with me and my usual shit load of homework. The night we stayed up until four in the morning talking he had liked me then. He even washed a pan once for like 10 minutes just so he could talk to me. He told his best friend about it and his friend told him to say something. He said that he thought having a crush on me was just a pipe-dream though. That I was different from the other girls on our floor who only got drunk and hooked up with guys.  I said he should have told me earlier because I have a crush on him. I said that’s why I couldn’t go out with his friend because I just couldn’t do that. He said that that was cool because other girls would’ve just gone for the free meal. EXACTLY what I thought at the time too. He said that when his friend asked me, his heart sunk (because he was standing right there). That when his friend told him that I said I was caught off guard and couldn’t go, he thought it might have been about him and he was happy. That he had wanted to tell me the last couple of times we hung out but didn’t because he wasn’t sure if I liked him back. I thought he liked the other girl though and didn’t make a move because he might just  not like me. He said that when he told me he was leaving and I tweeted I want you to stay, he thought it was about him & tweeted the feelings mutual. I said that it was about him. But that it still didn’t matter in the end because he was leaving. He said now that he knows I like him, it changes things. I said, no because you miss your home and I respect him for that. Then we sat on the steps of the apartment building for a little more and we were both happy to finally have spoken our minds and cleared the shit that had literally tried to get in front of us. We both agreed during out talk that we had a lot going against us. Finally, he asked if I wanted to walk back and I said yes. I was sad because I thought the night was over, but he asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I said Yes pretty much instantaneously because I’m that obvious. We watched a movie and cuddled. And kissed more. Then I fell asleep and woke up while he was holding me today. And I can say I’ve never felt more happier and more torn than this moment. Because in the end he’s still leaving, and in the end, I’m still going to have feelings for this kid.And that is my story. Well, a true story; which is something I can’t believe. 

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